Our story

Our story

Laulima was founded by conservation biologist + artist Danya Weber, who wanted to preserve biodiversity in Hawaiʻi while reconnecting people with the plants and animals we share our home with. Since 2017, Laulima has been increasing community involvement in conservation and reintegrating native species into our everyday lives. Laulima fosters advocacy for native Hawaiian flora + fauna.

All purchases directly support conservation efforts throughout Hawaiʻi, including endangered species protection and ecosystem restoration. Together, we are building resilience against climate change in Hawaiʻi. 

Danya has spent her career working to protect endangered Hawaiian forest birds, restore native forests, and bring native species to the forefront with her artwork.

Why protect native species?

Hawaiʻi is the extinction and endangered species capital of the world. Extinction threatens 87% of Hawaiʻi's native plants, while 70% of native birds have already gone extinct. Much of this devastation is due to habitat loss and the impacts of invasive species. Urgent action is needed in order to save Hawaiʻi's native species that are fighting for survival today. 

But why is it so important to save native species? Well, there are many answers:

  1. Native species create a buffer against climate change. Native plants filter water, purify air, and stabilize soil. These properties of native plants help protect against adverse weather events that are becoming more and more frequent.
  2. Native wildlife (birds, insects) are important pollinators and seed dispersers for native plants, keeping the ecosystem intact and thriving.
  3. Every species plays a function within its native ecosystem. Think of it like a game of Jenga-- if you lose one piece, it can lead to instability in the entire structure.
  4. Native plants and animals are staples of Hawaiian culture. Protecting native species is essential for perpetuating Hawaiian culture.

By educating yourself + loved ones about native species, volunteering, or simply by supporting Laulima, you are contributing to a sustainable future for Hawaiʻi.  The community of conservation advocates is growing, and together we have raised over $20,000 for the protection of native Hawaiian species.