Hawaiʻi: The Extinction & Endangered Species Capital of the World

The Extinction & Endangered Species Capital of the World

Most people don't realize that Hawaiʻi is the epicenter of extinction. Most native Hawaiian plants and animals are endemic, meaning they are found nowhere else in the world but Hawaiʻi. Once they are lost to extinction, they are gone forever.

Our mission is to protect Hawaiʻi's rich and unique biodiversity through education and advocacy. Read on to learn more about extinct and endangered Hawaiian flora + fauna.


Extinct Species

Native species each play a role in their ecosystem. Each time a species goes extinct, a piece of the puzzle is lost and more extinctions tend to occur.

Hawaiʻi has already lost an alarming amount of native species to extinction:

  • 95 of 142 endemic bird species
  • 50% of land snails
  • 134 species of plants

While this situation seems dire, we can still save the native species that remain today. Conservation organizations are working relentlessly to protect native species and ecosystems throughout the islands.


Endangered Species

An endangered species is one that is at risk of extinction. In Hawaiʻi, we have the highest rate of endangered species in the world. This is largely due to habitat loss and impacts of invasive species.

Many of our designs highlight Hawaiʻi's beautiful and unique endangered species. Through representation, we aim to inspire meaningful and educational conversations surrounding native species conservation.